Right To Information

Right To Information

      Index Of Mannual No.1 to 17

Manual 1   

Particulars of organization, functions and duties.

Manual 2


 Duties and Responsibilities Assigned to Teaching Employees as Mention in the Teachers statutes

Manual 3   
  The Procedure followed in the Decision - making process, Channels of Supervision and Accountability.
Manual 4  
  Norms set for the discharge of functions in YCMOU, Nashik.
Manual 5   

Rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records for discharging functions at YCMOU, Nashik.

Manual 6  
  Statement of Categories of documents held in the  YCMOU, Nashik.
Manual 7  

Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members

of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy of implementation at YCMOU, Nashik.

Manual 8  

A statement of boards, council, committees and other bodies constituted at  YCMOU, Nashik.

Manual 9  

Directory of Officers and Employees  of  YCMOU, Nashik.

Manual 10   

University Employee Salary (Teaching & Non Teaching)

Pay Register- June-2021 Paid in July-2021(Teaching & Non Teaching Employee).

Manual 11


  Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open  University Budget

2018-19 Budget Estimate  
2019-20 Budget Estimate Charts For Budget Estimate
2020-21 Receipt Summary  (Major Headwise) Expenditure summary (Major Headwise)
  Headwise Receipt summary Head wise Expenditure Summary
  Receipt Expenditure Combined report (Departmentwise) Receipt Expenditure Summary (Departmentwise) 
2021-22 Receipt Summary  (Major Headwise) Expenditure summary (Major Headwise)
  Receipt Summary  (MajorHead- Subheadwise) Expenditure Summary (MajorHead Subheadwise )
  Receipt Expenditure Summary (Departmentwise)   
  Receipt Summary (Headwise) Expenditure Summary (Headwise)
  BCD Part  
Manual 12  
  The manner of execution of subsidy program.
Manual 13  
  Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted
Manual 14  
  Information available in an electronic form.
Manual 15  

Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information at YCMOU, Nashik.

Information can be obtained by the Citizens through various means which includes

  • Website of the University (link-www.ycmou.ac.in)
  • Notice boards of the Department, Faculties, various Offices of the University
  • Prospectus/Brochures of various courses run by the respective Department/Faculties of the University
  • Website of the University (link-www.ycmou.ac.in)
  • Counters at the Examination Office of the University which deals with examination related matters
  • Information for the general public is disseminated occasionally through press releases, advertisements etc.

These are available on the University website (www.ycmou.ac.in).

Manual 16

  List of Public Information Officers of University

Name designation and other particulars of Public Information Officers Details of Appellate Authority
Manual 17   
  Other Information, RTI Form, Appeal Form. etc.
Annual Report For 2016-17 Annual Report For 2017-18
Annual Report For 2018-19 Annual Report For 2019-20