Functions of Learner Support Centres

Functions of Learner Support Centres


Functions of Learner Support Centres (LSCs)
Learner Support Centres are the main Implementers and very important functionaries for providing human resources in distance education.They are the pillars and mediators between the University and Learners. It acts as a light house for learners through proper counselling sessions and guidance. From the following points we will come to know how the LSCs work for betterment of Distance Education:


Functions regarding Administration: 

  • Identifying academic staff  and assigning responsibilities to them as per the requirement of the programs of the University
  • Identifying part time staff (Guest Faculty)  for the LSCs
  • Admission conformation and student contact at the entry point 
  • Maintaining the database of approved academic Counsellors
  • Organising meeting with Coordinators and Academic counsellors

Functions regarding Academics:

  • Organising Counselling through Contact session as per the University Schedules
  • Providing information to prospective and enrolled learners
  • Planning of  Counselling schedule and conveying the same to learners
  • Organising Orientation program  for the newly enrolled learners
  • Organising counselling, practical, audio-video and online sessions, seminars, etc as per programme requirement
  • Maintaining quality for each program offered as per the guidelines of University.

Functions regarding Coordination with:

  • Learner
  • Regional Centres
  • Exam Division
  • Student Support Division
  • Registration Cell
  • Related Schools of the University/ Program Coordinator

Functions regarding Student Evaluation:

  • Scheduling and Conducting exam events as per the University Norm 
  • Assigning and evaluating programs specific assignments, projects, practicum, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Assigning counsellors / Experts for the paper setting and answer sheet evaluation.
  •  Online Submission of program and course wise  Internal Marks (IA) to exam division.
  • Sending bundles of Answer sheets  to the exam division after each exam event  

Functions regarding Program Promotion:

  • Promotion and publicity of Programmes of YCMOU in the Society through social media, newspaper, pamphlets, mouth publicity etc.

Functions regarding Records

  • Maintenance of records of YCMOU learners
  • Maintenance of furniture and equipment as per the requirement of the program
  • Maintenance of accounts for each program separately
  • Maintaining time to time audit statements as per the programs offered.
  • Maintaining and updating all the MoUs signed for each program as per the norms of the program.