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About  School of Commerce & Management

The School of Commerce & Management of YCMOU is one of the most prestigious management schools in the Open Education System in India.  It is one of the eight schools of studies located at the university headquarter at Nashik. Through its quality policy, school offers various programmes by which learners can update their knowledge, ability and managerial skills while working in his/her profession. All the programmes offered by the school have become extremely popular and are among the best in Distance Learning Programme methods. The B.Com and MBA Programme of YCMOU are one of the leading Management Programmes in the State of Maharashtra and imparts quality education to the learners.

 The school envisages to:.     

 1  Develop under graduate, postgraduate and research level programmes for creating  professional manpower required by the present competitive world.

Ensure relevance of programmes by updating course regularly.

 3 Relate all the courses to the developmental needs of individuals, institutions and nation.
 4 Provide innovative, flexible and open systems of education by using the distance teaching methodology and by applying modern communication technologies to education.
 5 Establish linkages with educational industries to share experience and knowledge.