School of Commerce & Management : Genesis, Vision and Mission

Genesis, Vision and Mission


The School of Commerce & Management began its academic operations in 1989 with the launch of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) programme of the University. The School today offers 9 programmes in Commerce and Management. The School of Commerce & Management is receptive towards the needs of the society and has developed various programmes in Commerce & Management such as MBA, M.Com, and BBA etc. to respond to these growing needs. The School has been keen on maintaining the quality and standard of the all academic program offered by the School.

Vision of the School:     

  • School of Commerce & Management aspires to achieve excellent standards of quality education  in Commerce & Management and allied  knowledge by keeping pace with rapid changes in business environment with learner centric approach which will create  required manpower of global standard with capabilities of accepting new challenges.

Mission of the School:

To develop degree, postgraduate and research level programmers for creating professional manpower required by the current competitive world.

To help practicing managers and cooperative society employees to become more effective decision makers in their fields by updating their knowledge and managerial skills.

To establish linkages with educational industries to share experience and knowledge.

To offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring managers and to enable them to realize their full potential.

To ensure that the learners of Commerce & Management stream serve as agents of continuous improvement   and change.

To encourage entrepreneurship and service orientation.
To enable student develop their skills of critical analysis, logical thinking and creative imagination.

To meet the demand of technically trained management professionals at Airport, Airlines, Hotel Industry and Travel and Tourism Sector.

bjectives of the School:

1.To help in increasing knowledge in the field of commerce, management and allied    sectors.

2.To provide well educated manpower to service and manufacturing sector, industries,  institutions, etc.

3. To offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring managers.

4. To enable students to realize their full potential.

5. To ensure that student serves as agent of continuous improvement and change.

6. To encourage entrepreneurship and service orientation.

7. To extend the frontiers of knowledge in management through cutting-edge research.   

8. To disseminate knowledge through a portfolio of educational programmes and