School of Humanities & Social Sciences : About



The School of Humanities and Social Sciences covers studies ranging from arts, literature, and its creative dimensions; studies of structures, philosophies and historical-traditions of various institutions from the family to the State. The aim of this School is to develop educational resources for the learning community, and to prepare the learners intellectually to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. The content of various courses in the School is human-centric. Its emphasis on human values ​​and human development programs is a feature of the courses offered through the School.


The salient features of the School are as follows:

  1. Emphasis on explaining various concepts in the basic curriculum.
  2. Options to choose courses from various subjects.
  3. Applied courses that combine theory and practice.
  4. Innovative courses that leverage individual creativity and ingenuity.
  5. Inclusion of various cultures, nation-states, history and traditions in the curriculum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  6. Values ​​of freedom, equality, fraternity, and rights etc. consumer protection, environmental protection, global welfare organizations like SAARC, UNO etc., women empowerment, struggle for the identity of the disadvantaged, language, religion such various themes included in the curriculum.
  7. Independent courses on library and information science, journalism and mass communication, Gandhian Ideology, and consumer protection etc.
  8. Courses that complement the skills needed for personality development and professional success, including skills required for self-study.
  9. Creation of avenues for higher education through inclusion of newer post graduate programs in various languages and literature, and social sciences.
  10. Provision of educational support services such as self-study books, homework, field work, project studies, and guidance through audio-video and web media.
  11. Student Information