School of Agricultural Sciences : About


School of Agricultural Sciences, YCMOU, Nashik.

The school of Agricultural Sciences (SAS) has been established in 1989 with merely 81 students enrollment in 1990 and over a period of time the enrollment has been sky rocketed to more than 20,000 per year since from 2008 and the cumulative enrollment till date has been reached to 3,60,000 students in the last 31 years of our existence.

The School has succeeded in providing sustainable academic and operational support to the farming community and reduced the morbidity rate of debt ridden farmers in Maharashtra through Sustainable Education and learning in sustainable farming in Agriculture.

The school has practiced a vision to provide vocational and employment generating mass education in regional language of Marathi with a mission of reaching the unreached section of population such as dropouts of the conventional education system, practicing farmers, farm women and rural youth in Maharashtra.