School of Continuing Education : Vision


  • To provide through instruction, teaching and training and other educational opportunities, access to larger and larger segments of population, and in particular to the disadvantaged groups such as those living in remote and rural areas including working people, housewives and other adults who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge through studies in various fields
  • To promote acquisition of knowledge in a rapidly developing and changing society and to continually offer opportunity of upgrading knowledge, training and skills in the context of innovations, research and discovery in all fields of human endeavor by developing an educational network with the use of modern communication media and technologies appropriate for a learning society.
  • To develop innovative, need based vocational courses and establish industry, institution linkage for developing the society.
  • To provide through incidental and non-formal means, for continuing and extension of education in various cultural forms, arts, crafts and skills of the country, raising their quality and improving their availability to the people.
  • To provide major part of its resources and direct efforts in designing, developing and offering need-based and relevant vocational courses.