School of Continuing Education : From Directors Desk

From Directors Desk

From the Director’s Desk
Welcome to the YCMOU family of learners! I congratulate
you to have chosen the path of learning through the distance
mode of education.
As beautifully expressed by the seers of all times, education
is a liberating force. “That who is educated is emancipated”.
Education liberates one from the shackles of ignorance, poverty and doom and
takes you to the path of salvation, skill, prosperity and high self esteem.
The programmes of the School of Continuing Education are interdisciplinary in
nature including Diploma, Certificate, UG and PG programmes. We seek to
provide the education of skills varying in areas like Engineering vocation,
Fashion designing, Beauty parlour management and Saloon techniques,
tailoring to Hospitality and Tourism; to name a few.
I urge you to devote your time in studying the course curriculum and take keen
interests in laboratory and practical works. Skills get inculcated when you
practice more and more. As they say, “Practice Makes a Man Perfect!”
I wish you all the best in your ventures in distance learning!

Dr. Jaydeep Nikam
School of Continuing Education, YCMOU, Nashik.
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