School of Computer Sciences : Genesis, Vision and Mission

Genesis, Vision and Mission


Designing and delivering computer education for every one, anytime, anywhere. Empowering the knowledge workers by providing them with computing skills through technology-based educational systems.


The School of Computer Science provides computer programmes that empower learners with computing skills needed in their world of work and creating opportunities of higher learning through :

  • Developing need-based and job-oriented short-term computer programmes to meet the huge demand of IT skilled manpower in business and industry.
  • Making certain the relevance of programmes by updating the curriculum dynamically.
  • Offering e-Learning support to its learners.
  • Setting up tie-ups with industries and other educational institutions to share experience and knowledge.
  • Conducting research that will help in developing new methods, tools and techniques useful for computer education and applications.
  • Imparting computer education through its Authorized Learner Support Centres.