School of Computer Sciences : Programmes Offered

Programmes Offered

Sr. No. Code Name of Programme Prospectus
1 D101 Computer Fundamentals View
2 D102 Office Tools View
3 D104 Computerized Financial Accounting View
4 D105 Programming Expertise in C View
5 D106 Data Structures using C View
6 D107 OOPS AND C++ View
7 D112 Visual Programming View
8 D113 LINUX View
9 D114 ORACLE View
10 P141 Diploma in Industrial Science View
11 P131 Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) View
12 P133 B.Sc. (Industrial Science) View
13 P144 Master of Computer Applications (MCA) View
14 D125 Certificate in Mathematics View
15 P134 B.Sc. (Computer System Administration) View