Audio Video Center

Audio Video Center

AVC -  Infrastructure

The AVC has a state of the art studio building. This building has 20+ various rooms for various TV and video operations. All the building is equipped with underground signal  transfers and electrical supply.  All rooms are connected with signal cables as well as Cat5 cables for high speed internet. This building comprises of an ultra modern    video studio equipped with 200+ special lights. The studio has a specially designed video control room, sound control and light control rooms on the second floor. A big preview theatre of capacity of 30+ people is arranged for preview of the programme produced.  AVC has two  editing setups – FCP and Matrox professional edit suite.  The AVC has a special studio with control room for recording sound.  Yashwani broadcast is operated through this studio. The studio also has defined rooms for makeup, AHU, Buffer of equipment, DVD stores, Technical maintenance and rooms for production and technical staff.  The picturesque AV studio has a vast corridor and reception space for outdoor shooting.

At present AVC has tapeless digital recording system of SONY professional equipment’s.

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