School of Education : Genesis, Vision and Mission

Genesis, Vision and Mission



We believe that the School of Education will emerge as a nucleus of activities in the sphere of Teacher Education, training and Human Resource Development in the State of Maharashtra. We will exemplify how high quality, innovative programmes in teacher education can be offered through the distance mode. Through our activities, we will disseminate and stabilize innovative ideas while collaborating with Colleges of Education and training institutions and will bring about qualitative in the field of teacher training and education in Maharashtra.




The School is committed to developing high quality academic programmes directed towards capacity building and empowerment for the key functionaries of the formal and non-formal system of education with a view to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel in their respective roles. This will be achieved through distance education programmes strongly supported by ICT effective instructional design.




  1. To develop Academic  & Para-academic human resources in the formal and non-formal education system in Maharashtra through various Distance Education Programme
  2. To Empower the Teachers Educators, Administrators, Managers, Researchers, Evaluators, Facilitators, Learners for their Professional development
  3. To develop Quality Programmes in keeping with Societal needs and demands of key functionaries in formal  and non-formal System of Education.
  4. To orient and train the counsellors from all the study centres in order to implement programmes developed by the School in an effective & Fruitful manner.