Centre for Disability Studies (CDS)

Centre for Disability Studies (CDS)

About Centre for Disability Studies (CDS)

The Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) was established in the year 2020 and duly approved by the 173rd Board of Management of the University under resolution no. 173.3.1. The centre was created to serve the needs of education, skills, sensitization, towards disability and in the field of disability rehabilitation, inclusive education. This Centre functions independently under the guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

Vision of the Centre:  The vision of this Centre is to develop human resources in the areas of disability and Special Education towards creating   maintained and inclusive society. The Centre also focuses on enhancing the capabilities and skills of educators,   teacher trainers, professionals working in the field of special education. The enhanced capacities and skills of these functionaries of the society will be instrumental for transforming society and provide professional support whenever required. Through varied programmes/activities, this centre will work for knowledge up-gradation of the stakeholders of the society to enable them set future opportunities and prospects of development.

Purpose of the Centre:

  • To provide adequate professional training and capacity building to the learners for taking up responsibility in the field of Education, Special Education, Inclusive Education for an inclusive society.
  • To build up mind set,skills and attitudes of professionals, para-professionals of the field towards issues, challenges, accommodations of diverse learners.
  • To develop essential inter-personal skills and attitudes for successful communication with diverse learners.
  • To arrange orientation, training and community based extension programmes in various aspects of Education, Special Education and Inclusive Education.

Functions of the Centre:

  • To organize Short-term Training programmes Certificate and Diploma Programmes in  the field of Special and Inclusive Education
  • To facilitate services relating to Inclusion.
  • To act on the decisions of government or any higher authorities
  • To maintain a functioning Committee to report on the activities of the Centre annually.
  • To conduct Community out-reach Programs to sensitize society about the various disabilities and also person with disabilities.
  • To provide facilities regarding early identification and intervention
  • To approach the state or central government for providing or implementing facilities, schemes aids and appliances to the needy learners of the university as well as from the society.
  • Research and Journal Publication in the field of Special Education