About Evaluation

There is two centres’ working in Evaluation Division.

1. Centre for Learner Evaluation Technology (CLET)

The primary responsibility of this Centre is to develop course wise Question Banks for all the academic programs to serve as resource material for paper-setting. This involves training to content experts, editing of the Question Banks and their computerisation. Providing orientation to Paper-setters , Examiners and  Moderators is  another key function of this Centre. The Centre has already developed a computerised database of experts handling various evaluation-related tasks.  There are nearly 2,00,000 questions ready in the different  Question Banks.

 2. Programme Evaluation Research Centre (PERC)

Evaluation of programme is basic function of comprehensive research may detect the problems, issues, deficiency of academic programme which are run by various school/division of the Y.C. M. Open University. Programme Evaluation Research Centre’s main functions are developing the research design and strategies, developing standardised research tools, collection and analysing the data from collected various stakeholders of the university and to communicate the feedback to this university with reference to improvement and modifications in various aspects of academic programme. Near about seven programmes evaluation has been done.


To develop the qualitative evaluation tools for Formative and summative evaluation, Evaluation Pattern, Comprehensive Question Bank with supportive material, Development of confidential work for enhancing the quality in educational programme of the university.

To provide the qualitative evaluation of students for University, to prepare qualitative supporting material for question paper setting and Question Bank Development. To take the programme evaluation for enhancing the quality.