Vision Mission

Vision Mission


The vision of the university is to become as Mass Varsity, reaching out to large number of learners through seamless access to learner-centric quality education.


The mission of the university, derived from its act is based on playing a significant role in widening access to quality higher education through:

●      Making affordable higher education available to all those aspiring to it, regardless of previous qualification, gender, region, religion or caste;

●      Providing  sustainable and high-quality programs across disciplines, at different levels, to meet the diverse needs of learners;

●      Effectively using ICT to support learning, provide a flexible system of education, meet the challenges of access and equity and facilitate development of a knowledge society.

●      Strengthening the development of resource centre to set a proactive role model for high quality and learner-centric open and distance learning system.

●      Sharing professional capabilities and resources to maintain and coordinate standards of distance education.

●      Developing networks using emerging technologies and methods for effective program delivery to the last mile learners in Maharashtra.

●      Forging convergence of all systems and work for seamless education across national boundaries to develop global collaborations and partnerships.

●      Promoting national integration, integrated development of our people, and community participation in education and development.