Library Rules

Library Rules

Working Hours

The Library is open on all the days of the year from 10.00 A.M to 5.45 PM (Except on 1st, 3rd Saturday, Every Sunday and Public Holidays)


The membership of the library is open to Faculty and Staff of YCMOU, PG and Research Students of YCMOU and others with permission. All the persons, entering the premises of library are required to show their identity cards the Janitor at the entrance.

Restricted Section

  • ‘Reference and consultation Books’ shall not be lent out of the library.
  • Every Reader using the Reference section of the library shall return the book (s) consulted either to the Librarian or any one of the Assistant of the Reference Section.
  • Staff of the library working in the Reference Section will assist the readers in locating information and sources on the subject of their study and research.
  • If Readers wants any pages of a book photocopied, he should contact Reference Desk/ Circulation counter for the permission to get the same photocopied and make payment for the same if applicable.
  • Internet facility is available to the members (Faculty as well as Students). They can access required information as per their need. They may access online journals, the database of DELNET, database of INFLIBNET, EBSCO database, J-Gate database. For password and other related things, library staff will help to the members at Internet point. Members are requested that they should not change any setting of the systems.

Borrowing Rules / Privileges

  • Books may be borrowed by all members as per Rules 2.
  • Category/ Patron Check Out limit Loan Period Membership Fees
    B.B.A Student 02 60 days No
    I.T.I Trainee 01 60 days No
    PhD Scholar 05 60 days No
    Junior Consultant 05 60 days No
    Administrative officer 05 60 days No
    Teacher 20 60 days No
    School Director As per requirements 60 days No
    Outsider Reader 05 Within Membership Rs. 2000/- Annual or Rs. 200/- Monthly
  • Book will be loned for a period of 60 days.
  • Book may be re-issued after the loan period of 30days, if there is no call for it, at all discreation of the Librarian.
  • The Librarian can recall any book an loan, if it is required in the library urgently even if it is no due to be returned.
  • Sending of reminders is not due to be returned.
  • No reader shall take a book or journal or any other material out of the library without having it properly issued to him.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

No library is an island, so our library also has to take help of others libraries collection to fulfill the requirement of our readers. Equally our library also leads reading material to other libraries. The book limit is 10 books. The reading material is required to return within 1 month. In case of loss, the borrower will have to pay the replacement copy or three time cost of the publication.

Cost of Damaged/ Lost Reading Material

  • If the reading material (Books, Periodicals, CD etc.) is damaged or lost by the borrower, he/ she will either replace or pay cost one times. It will have to be replaced by a new book or periodical of same or latter edition, at his/ her cost. If the book/ periodical is not available in market then photocopy and binding charges may be charged from the person who has lost it provide the book is available on ILL.
  • The price of rare/ out of print book will be determined by Librarian and it shall be paid by the person responsible for the damage or loss of the books/ periodicals.
  • If a Volume from multivolume set is lost or damaged the price of the whole set will be charged, unless the volume of the set lost can be obtained separately. Which case the cost of particular volume alone will be recovered.

General Instructions

  • Every reader entering the library should sign in the visitor’ register kept for the purpose at the entrance gate of the library.
  • Personals books are not allowed in the library but in the certain cases.
  • Writing or making any kind of mark in a book or periodical is forbidden.
  • Cutting or tearing of any photo or page from any publication is prohibited.
  • Smoking or eating is not allowed to take their belonging inside the library.
  • Observe complete silence in the library.
  • Readers are not allowed to take their belongings inside the library.
  • All articles being taken out of the library are subject to inspection at the exit gate.
  • It is responsibility of every reader to observe discipline in the library and adhere to its rules and regulations.
  • The Librarian is authorized to terminate the membership of any borrower if he/ she is found guilty of misbehavior.
  • Behave with the staff nicely in order to get good and quick service from them.