LARC Sections

LARC Sections

1 Acquisition Section

Acquisition section of Library and Resource Centre responsible for the purchase of reading material that is suggested by faculty, script writers, students and experts. After checking duplication, budget and approval process, the reading material order is placed for listed Vendors. Reading material once received are accessioned and put the bibliographical details in the system. 

2 Technical Section

Technical section maintains all the technical works inside the library. This section covers the activities such as classification; cataloguing and deriving subject headings for reading material after generation of Barcode the reading material are ready for Circulation.

3 Circulation Section Circulation section is one of the most important sections in the library as it is the gateway between readers and reading material. This section handles maximum services apart from the provision of lending and renewal of books, services such as registration of library member, issuing of No dues certificate. OPAC is available for users on Circulation Desk.
4 Reference Section

The reference services like dictionaries, encyclopedias, year book, directories, almanac, atlases, Government Publications, statistical data, etc. kept in this section. This section is very much useful for researcher as well as other users.

5 Periodical Section Periodical section of the library provides display of current issues and back volumes. The section having the work like recommendation, renewal of subscription and maintaince of Periodical and News papers. As per the recommendation of schools of studies, library subscribes and acquires the periodicals. This material displayed and can be consulted.
6 Bound Volume Section Bound Volume Section is the section which maintains the bound volume of back issues of Journals. After completion of volume it gets bind together. These are bound periodicals, are assigned separate accession number.
7 Reprographic section This section provides the facilities of Photo-copying and Printing.