Genesis, Mission and Vision

Genesis, Mission and Vision

Genesis, Mission and Vision

Vision –

To provide educational opportunities at the doorstep of learners through Regional Centers and Study Centers all over the State.


  1. To provide quality educational and administrative services to learners.
  2. To develop study centers network and impower them to provide required academic & administrative services to learners
  3.  To utilize modern  technology for implementation of various educational programmes of the university.
  4. To provide educational opportunity to people who are deprived of education


1.       To identify and approve new study centers with the purpose of providing educational opportunities to people living in the area.

2.       To provide training to administrative and academic staff at the study centers so as to enable  them provide quality services to learners. 

3.       To provide all the required administrative and academic services to learners to enable them to register, for the programme,  during the programme to suistain their  interest and motivation to complete the programme successfully.