About Student Services Division

About Student Services Division

Student Services Division (SSD) at the Head quarter comprises of Registration Section,

Regional and Study Centre Management

Book stores

Identification of new study centres

The SSD identifies new Study Centres/Learner Support Centres and recognizes them, processes applications for the new Study Centres/Learner Support Centres, does the renewal of existing Study Centres/Learner Support Centres.

Counseling and learner support

The SSD is also responsible for monitoring the counseling facilities at the Study Centres/Learner Support Centres, study material distribution through the Regional Centres and undertakes routine inspection of financial transactions at the Regional Centres and coordinates its activities.

As an extract , The SSD is the connecting link between the Learners, the Study Centres/Learner Support Centres and the Regional Centres, aiming at providing quality services to learners.

The Learner support Centers (LSC) play an important role in the DE system. The University has adopted planned, systematic method of expanding its Study  Centers network with he following objective –

1.      To make educational opportunities available to every village, tahasil, district.

2.      To Make educational opportunity available to rural people and Tribal

3.      To balance expansion of study center development considering the backlog of educational opportunities prevailing in the region.

4.      To support urban learners, who because of their professional responsibilities  cannot join formal stream of education.

5.      To make skill based, professional and employment oriented programmes available to large number of population and untrained human resource.


The task development of   Learner Support Center has to be undertaken in specified period time so as to enable the  colleges apply well in advance by having sufficient period of time at their disposal. The University collects all the physical,  academic and administrative manpower available with the college alongwith the formal courses they are implementing.   The Student Services Division forms an Inspection Committee for visiting  the colleges who have applied for establishing Learner Support Center. The Committee consist of –

1.      Director of the Student Services Division on or the Representative

2.      Director of the concerned School or the Representative

3.      One local expert form the region as nominee of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

4.      Regional Director of the Region

5.      Administrative Assistant

The  Committee examines  the physical and infrastructional facilities and the advantages the local people would derive by sactioning the recognition to the college as a Learner Support Center. The Committee emphases satisfaction of the  following requirements by a college applying for LSC –

1.      Adaquate no. of rooms for conducting Contact Sessions

2.      A store room to store books for learners

3.      A separate office for YCMOU Study Center Students

4.      Required number of counselors for every course

5.      Washroom for Students

6.      Easy access to learners

The committee through the Director, Student Services Division submits its report to Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and only those colleges satisfying the norms specified by the University are granted recognition as Learner Support Center of the YCMOU.

The recognition is granted for an initial period of 3 years, a fresh review of the performance of the LCS is taken and then it gets further sanction after successful performance